Olive oil tourism activities

Olive oil tourism in Jaén province

The province of Jaén is the biggest producer of olive oil in the world.

Therefore, our mills are working every day to bring to the public in general, culture and history of oil, olives and field work as well, many of our mills are now offering oleotourism activities, like accommodation rural, parties, tastings or oil tastings.

List of mills that offer oleotourism activities:

Campiña Norte de Jaén

Cortijo La Torre Learn more

Azaharoliva Learn more

Oro Bailén Learn more

Hermejor de la Reina Learn more

La Loma y Las Villas

Oleícola San Francisco Learn more

Cortijo Spiritu Santo Learn more

Sierra de Cazorla

Almazara Histórica La Almedina Learn more

Cooperativa Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación Learn more

Sierra de Segura

Oleofer S.L. Learn more

Sierra Mágina

S.C.A. Trujal de Mágina Learn more

S.C.A. Unión Oleícola Cambil Learn more

Sierra Sur de Jaén

Luis Cano Fuentes e Hijos S.L. Learn more

Almazara Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro S.C.A. Learn more

San José S.C.A. Learn more

San Rafael S.C.A. Learn more

Nuestra Señora De La Fuensanta S.C.A. Learn more

Sierra de la Pandera S.C.A. Learn more

San Amador S.C.A. Learn more

Almazara Cortijo El Madroño Learn more

Oleocampo S.C.A. Learn more

San Isidro S.C.A. Learn more


Museo del aceite de oliva Learn more

Museo Cultura Olivo Learn more

La Casa del Aceite Learn more

La Abacería Learn more

Terra Oleum. Museo activo del Aceite de Oliva y la Sostenibilidad Learn more

Centro Interpretación Olivar y Aceite Learn more

Other mills:

Project coordinated by:

Association for Rural Development for the District of El Condado de Jaén Association for Rural Development of Sierra Sur de Jaén Group for Rural Development of Sierra de Segura Association for Rural Development of Sierra Mágina Association for Socioeconomic Development of La Loma y Las Villas Association for Rural Development of Campiña Norte de Jaén Association for Rural Development of Sierra de Cazorla
Castles and fortresses of Jaén province